Best NYC coffee? Best NYC coffee shops? Don’t worry, these are the best NYC coffee shops in 2024!

I know it might be hard to find really good coffee in New York. Well, welcome to NYC.Cafe, your premier online destination for exploring the vibrant coffee scene of New York City. Regularly updated and meticulously curated, our website is dedicated to bringing you the latest and most authentic coffee experiences from the Big Apple.

Therefore, whether you’re a local or a visitor, these handpicked cafes are must-visits for any coffee enthusiast looking to explore the city’s diverse coffee culture. Each coffee shop from NYC on our list is a testament to the city’s diverse and ever-evolving coffee culture.

These are the best 10 NYC coffee shops in 2024:


Intelligentsia Coffee (10/10)

Location: Chelsea
Intelligentsia Coffee, tucked away in the High Line Hotel’s lobby, is a hidden gem in Chelsea. Celebrating over two decades, this cafe symbolizes the third-wave coffee movement with a focus on the origins and flavors of coffee beans. The seasonal rotation of beans sourced from small farms worldwide speaks volumes about its commitment to quality. Despite its small size, this cozy spot is a must-visit, especially for trying their pastry selection from Mah-ze-Dahr bakery.

Bourke Street Bakery (9.5/10)

Location: NoMad
Straight from Sydney, Bourke Street Bakery made a grand entrance in NoMad and quickly expanded due to its popularity. It’s your go-to place for an authentic Australian Flat White and homemade sweets like chocolate cake and banana bread. This spot blends a taste of Australia with the bustling energy of NYC.

La Cabra (9.5/10)

Location: Gramercy
Hailing from Denmark, La Cabra brings a slice of Scandinavian coffee culture to Gramercy. Known for its meticulous approach to coffee and pastries, this cafe boasts a modern European charm. It’s a serene retreat for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the finer details in their brew.

The Ludlow Hotel Cafe (9/10)

Location: Lower East Side
Nestled in the heart of the Lower East Side, The Ludlow Hotel Cafe offers a modern and chic atmosphere. More than just coffee, they serve a full menu of sandwiches, salads, and other light fare. The rooftop bar and lounge area add to the charm, making it a stylish spot for relaxation.

The Grey Dog (8/10)

Multiple Locations
The Grey Dog, with its multiple locations, epitomizes the essence of a cozy, neighborhood cafe. Known for using locally-sourced ingredients, their menu features a variety of sandwiches, salads, and house-made pastries. The welcoming ambiance makes it a perfect spot for a casual meet-up.

Paris Baguette (8/10)

Location: Queens
Offering a unique blend of Korean-French cuisine, Paris Baguette in Queens stands out with its freshly baked bread and delicate pastries. The elegant yet comfortable atmosphere, combined with exceptional service, makes it a great place for both casual and formal gatherings. The affordable pricing and easy accessibility add to its appeal.

Win Son Bakery (8/10)

Location: East Williamsburg
Win Son Bakery in East Williamsburg offers a Taiwanese twist on the cafe experience. Known for its spiced xiao gai gai coffee and millet mochi donuts, this bright and airy spot is a haven early in the morning. It’s a must-visit for those seeking unique coffee flavors and perfect sandwiches.

Alita Cafe (8/10)

Location: East Harlem
Alita Cafe in East Harlem, founded by the minds behind Regalia Coffee, serves up excellent Regalia coffee, in-house baked croissants, and cookies. The warm and inviting atmosphere of this cafe makes it a neighborhood favorite.

Birch Coffee (8/10)

Multiple Locations
Birch Coffee, with its multiple locations, is known for its warm ambiance and high-quality coffee. Slightly on the pricier side, their Kyoto drip iced coffee stands out as a must-try. The perfect vibe of this cafe suits any occasion, making it a popular choice among New Yorkers.

Kobrick Coffee (7.5/10)

Location: Meatpacking District
Kobrick Coffee in the Meatpacking District offers an array of unique coffee concoctions, including coffee cocktails. This spot is ideal for those looking to experiment with their coffee choices in a vibrant and adventurous setting.

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